Coolest Knight Rider KITT Cake

My son LOVES Knight Rider so he asked for a Knight Rider KITT Cake. I used an 11X15 cake pan, making 4 cakes total. I went online and got the dimensions of the car and it to figure out the length, width and height (length of real car * x = length of cake). I cut a sturdy piece of cardboard into a rectangle with small indents for the wheels.

I then glued some blocks to the underside so that it would sit off the ground and have space for the tires. I found a string of Christmas lights used for wreaths that had little red lights. I taped them together and poked them through a hole in the card board and then, when the cake was on top, through the cake.

I printed off a side profile of the car and held it up while I carved the 4 layered cake into the approximate shape. I then frosted with butter cream. I had to buy black fondant because it’s very hard to get a real black when you make it yourself. However, I used homemade gum paste to make the wheels.

To get them black I mixed black food coloring with a little bit of water and painted them with a small paintbrush. That may work for the whole cake if you don’t have the money for black fondant (it was $20 for one tub where I got it, I used half a tub).

So, all I did after that was cover it with the fondant and make all the details. The license plate was blue gum paste. I wrote KNIGHT with white butter cream after it was dry.

 Knight Rider KITT Cake

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  1. Just an FYI, I found a fantastic method for making homemade black fondant. I used marshmallow and powdered sugar fondant and begin by adding coca powder, after it is a dark brown, you have a base to add the black to. It produces a true jet black color. Trust me it works, I did this for my niece’s zebra striped cake :)


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