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Coolest Slumber Party Birthday Cake

I got the idea for this Slumber Party Birthday Cake from this website. It was very easy to make. I made two layers of 9×13 cake. I frosted with icing and then covered with pre-made fondant.

The bodies are made from Twinkies. I then covered them with more fondant to look like a blanket. I made a small strip for the top of the blanket. The pillows and flowers are made from store-bought fondant. I placed more fondant underneath the pillows to give them some dimension.

The heads are also store-bought fondant rolled into balls. I used a garlic press for the hair and fondant pens for the facial features. This was very easy to make. Anyone can do it! My seven-year-old and her little friends loved it!

9 thoughts on “Coolest Slumber Party Birthday Cake”

  1. I’m Courtney I’m turning 12 tomorrow October 8 and I am having a slumber party for my birthday and that cake is awesome. I want it.

  2. you are so awesome ! i love this cake, and I’m actually gonna try making it. wish me luck, fingers crossed, hope it turns out like urs! u did a great job!


  3. Christen, I know you posted this a very long time ago, but do you recall if all that fondant tasted good? I’m worried the kids will not like it, or at least nit that much. It is really beautiful with the fndant-there’s no comparison to ones which are frosted.

  4. Hi Lori.
    This is also ages since you posted your comment but I just found it.
    I have come to the conclusion that lots of fondant is often needed for artistic purposes. I cut a lot of it away before serving the cake to eat or just don’t serve the models (eg people, pillows, etc.)
    All the best,


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