Coolest Smart Car Cake

A friend of a friend asked me to do a cake for her husband’s birthday, and she wanted it to be a Smart car themed cake. I didn’t want to do it as a picture on top of a cake, so I rented the 3D Cruiser Cake Pan and baked a chocolate cake in it. I let it cool, torted it (sliced it horizontally in half) and froze it until firm.

My husband helped me to carve it in the shape of a Smart car, based on pictures the client sent to me. I filled the center with vanilla butter cream.  The car was black and white, so I did drop flowers all over the cake to match. To make the windows stand out, I cut out black fondant in the shape of the windows, and added rear-view mirrors, the license plate holder and the wheels. I used toothpicks to attach the side mirrors to the cake.

Then I took a bit of red and orange and made the lights. For the headlights, I used grey fondant and cut out four small circles and shaped them into egg-shapes. I used silver pearl dust on them and attached them to the cake.

The client was blown away and my own kids were very impressed. It should be stated too, that when I was first asked to do this cake, this site is the first place I looked. Unfortunately there were no entries for a Smart car… until now.

Coolest Smart Car Cake

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