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Cool Homemade Snow White Birthday Cake Design

I started this Snow White Birthday Cake Design by using the Barbie cake mold by Wilton and frosted it with yellow butter cream. I tried to smooth it as much as I could and on the next day. Once it was set I smooth it out more with viva paper towel. Made a hole on the top to put a snow white Barbie with the legs removed, (be very careful not to break them so you could put them back on).

I used a flower tip for the ruffles on the bottom and for the top of the dress. A big glop of butter cream for the sleeves and red stripes. Did the cupcakes with a big flower tip and put it all on a cake stand. Did the name plate out of fondant and gum paste and the flower was made from royal icing. The name itself was just yellow butter cream icing that got hard.

If you are done frosting the cake for that day, cover it with plastic because the frosting gets a little hard.

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