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Coolest Soccer Pitch Cake

This is a soccer pitch cake we made for my Godson Daragh’s birthday. He is a huge soccer, and especially Manchester United Fan. We used two 9 inch X 13 inch cake pans and a standard vanilla Madeira mix. We layered the two Madeira cakes with buttercream frosting, and crumb coated the entire surface of the cake. We then put the cake in the fridge overnight to set the crumb coat.

The following day, we covered the surface of the cake in another thin layer of buttercream and left it to set for about an hour. We dyed some white fondant icing with Holly Green colour paste, and covered the entire cake, using a fondant icing smoother to get an even surface (these are well worth buying as they give the cake a nice even finish!). We then brushed over the icing with some water and a pastry brush to get rid of any excess icing sugar. We cut out some green fondant in a grass shape to cover the bottom edges of the cake and stuck his on using edible glue.

We made some soccer shirts out of fondant in the colours of Manchester United in Daragh’s name and stuck these to the side of the cake with edible glue. These were made a few days in advance so they had time to dry and harden. Then we cut strips of white fondant icing to make the pitch markings and also stuck these down with edible glue, along with the goalposts and the soccer players, which are non-edible and which we bought from a local cake supply store.

We couldn’t find a large enough cake board, so we made one out of cardboard covered in soccer themed wrapping paper. After a long and very slow drive in the car, we managed to deliver the cake intact! Daragh loved his cake! Thanks to his mum Fiona, for taking such beautiful photos for us.

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