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Coolest Solar System Birthday Cake

I made this Solar System Birthday Cake for my son’s 6th birthday party, and he helped me make most of it. To make this cake, we baked 3 9×13 inch chocolate sheet cakes. We put one on top of the other, then cut the third in half lengthwise, stacked the halves, and lined them up with the first two in order to make a larger sheet cake.

We used cream cheese frosting to stick the top and bottom layers together. To make the sun, we simply shaped white frosting atop the sheet cake in the shape of a round arc, and brought the frosting down the sides as well. For the sky, we used chocolate frosting.

My son covered the sun with yellow sugar sprinkles, and the sky with black sugar sprinkles. We also shook a bit of edible yellow glitter on the sun to give it shimmer. For the stars, we used 3 sizes of silver dragees. We shaped the planets using fondant, which is pretty easy for kids to handle since it’s a lot like playdough. I bought pre-made fondant from Wilton: one packet in primary colors, one in neon colors, and one white.

To form the planets, we simply added the colors we wanted, mixed them a bit in our hands and rolled them in balls, then pressed them slightly flat and stuck them atop the cake with a dab of frosting. This was actually one of the easier cakes we’ve made! The fondant didn’t taste great, but it was worth it for the fun factor.

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