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Coolest Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake

I made this Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake for my best friend’s fiance who had said he had always wanted a Sonic cake for a birthday, so I thought I would give it a go at making him one.

I made 2 yellow sponge cakes which I then sandwiched on top of each other with a butter icing mix. I used a tub of ready made butter icing to cover the cake, doing a very thin layer to make sure it was smooth to work with.

I then used food colouring and added it to the icing to have the red icing around the edges. I used a piping bag to decorate around the bottom edge and the top of the cake.

To make the Sonic motif I made the fondant icing (- which took a few attempts to get right). I got a picture of Sonic from a website and transferred the design to grease proof paper as a template to then be able to cut out the icing to create the face. I layered parts of the face so that it was 3D, sitting on the cake top and not just flat.

Once I had put the face in the centre of the cake I used the writing tubes of icing in black and white to highlight parts of the face for added effect – whites of the eyes, the back smile etc.

I was really pleased with how this turned out as it was the first time I have tried to make a cake topper like this! It also went down very well with the birthday boy!

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