Cool Homemade Spa Girl Cake

This is a cake for my 10 year old’s Spa Birthday Party. It is a face covered in fondant and then buttercream to make the “masque” The whole spa girl cake is edible.

I used a large round pan and then carved out the shape I wanted taking into consideration the towel on the head. I first covered the whole cake in flesh tinted fondant and then built it up from there. The towel was done inn strips to make it look like it was wrapped on the head. The face was placed on a regular square cake covered also in fondant.

I used gel colors to paint in the hair and the flower, lips and cucumbers are also sculpted out of fondant. From the picture it is hard to see the nose, but it is there and has 2 nostrils! Also I ran a textured rolling pin over the towel pieces to make it look textured.

It is very simple and self explanatory when you look at it!

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Spa Girl Cake”

  1. Thanks for sharing. You did an incredible job, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. My daughter is having a spa girl party, and I found your cake while surfing spa girl gifs. Didn’t expect to see a cake, and now I want to try to make one. Thanks again for sharing. What an inspiration! :o) Mia

  2. Hi my name is Taylor, I’m nine years old and I’m going to have a spa birthday party and thank you so much for posting this pic. on here and I’m defintely going to use this cake in my b-day party


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