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Cool Homemade Space Shuttle Birthday Cake

My son is totally into space and requested a Space Shuttle Birthday Cake. This cake was baked as a large sheet cake. I found several pictures of space shuttles from several different angles on line and printed them out.

Using them as a guide, I carved out the base of the cake. Then, I carved the second layer and stacked it on top. A little bit more shaping to round the edges and the carving was done! I always use a cream cheese frosting with a hint of almond in it – my signature. I used Wilton’s Gel Colorings to tint the frosting.

I created the fin on top by taking a square of graham cracker, and sticking it into the top of the cake. The engines were just ice cream cones (sugar) shoved into the back of the cake. I frosted the entire cake, including the “fin” and “engines”.

The day of the party, I cut red/orange swirl fruit rollups in skinny slices and cut out a V at the bottom to make “flames”. I used a little bit of left over frosting to hold them inside the “engines”. (If you did this before, they turn gummy/slimy. If you have leftover cake, be sure to remove these before refrigerating. Trust me, it’s nasty!)

NOTE: The cake was such a hit, my youngest asked for me to make it again for him!

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