Coolest Spider Cake

This idea for a spider cake isn’t new but I tried to make the cake and icing all out of chocolate. The cake itself is three tiers of chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache buttercream frosting/filling. Drizzled over that is a Sacher/ganache icing.

To make it you need good quality dark chocolate (12 oz), cream(12 oz) and butter(4 oz). Boil the cream and use it to melt the chocolate then add the butter. Drizzle over the cake.

The spiderweb is white chocolate that has been melted and piped on. The decorations on the bottom are Hershey’s candy corn candy kisses (white chocolate).

The spider body itself is a little cake. I baked a teddy bear cake in a Wilton cake pan an cut it in half. Used the back half, shaped with a knife and then iced it with black fondant. The head is black fondant. The spider eyes are made from Dots candy. The legs are tootsie rolls that I attached with toothpicks.

I decide to upload this cake even though it is a bit amateurish (I haven’t baked that many cakes before!) because I figure it can be improved on by others…The basic ideas are there. Enjoy

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