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Coolest Star Birthday Cake Design

The Star Birthday Cake Design was a white chocolate mudcake. I got the recipe from planetcake.com.au. I used 6 and 9 inch pans. Each cake was divided in the three and that layers brushed with a syrup made from apricot jam, water and a dash of Cointreau. I then used a dark chocolate ganache between layers, around the cake and on top. I allowed this to set and then smoothed it with a hot palette knife.

I used a bought black plastic icing. This stuff is horrible to work with. It’s much softer than white RTR fondant. Once I had rolled it I allowed it to sit for a few minutes and dry out a bit before lifting it onto the cake. I still found that it cracked a lot. Oh, I brushed the cake with more syrup before putting the fondant on so that it would stick. The fondant was smoothed with smoothers!

Each cake was on it’s own cardboard cake board.

The stars were white fondant rolled out. They were stuck to the cake by brushing with water. I then gave them several coats of edible silver and gold paint. The wire was flower arranging wire. Some of it was twisted around a wooden spoon to make the spirals. The wire was then pushed into more fondant stars which were then allowed to dry. These were also given several coats of edible paint.

I stuck the top cake to the bottom with a little bit of icing. The wires were pushed into the cake. I stuck the ribbon to the cake with a little bit of water.

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