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Coolest Stars Birthday Cake

This Stars Birthday Cake was my first attempt at fondant and I made it for my son’s first birthday. I used 2 boxes white cake mix and 2 round 8 in pans. I dyed one layer blue and one layer green. I coated them in Wilton’s buttercream icing and using Wiltons fondant. I tried making MM fondant but it didn’t work out for some reason.

There are a lot of dents and tears in the fondant mainly because I rolled it out too thin and didn’t realize it until it was a little too late. I covered it with fondant at the last minute so I had no time to turn back and start over. I’m gonna attempt another cake when my other son turns 3 in October so hopefully it’ll go a little smoother than this attempt.

I don’t think its too bad considering it was my first try. But it makes me praise the people who actually make really detailed beautiful fondant cakes. I wanted to cry it was so difficult !

4 thoughts on “Coolest Stars Birthday Cake”

  1. Your cake looks great! I had a hard time with MM fondant at first too. Then I watched a lady make it on U-Tube. She made it with her mixer using the dough hook. Absolutely no kneading and no clumps of powdered sugar. She let it rest on the counter for an hour and used it right away. I did the same and it came out beautiful. I just dusted the counter with some corn starch and rolled it out using a large piece of PVC my husband bought and cut for me. Then rolled it onto the PVC and rolled it gently back over my cake. It was so easy to work with and really saved my hands. Keep working at it you have a lot of potential there!

  2. The cake is beautiful! If you want to figure out how to make good marshmallow fondant, just go to youtube.com and type in “how to marshmallow fondant”. There are a whole bunch of wonderful videos and step by step guides. Good luck!


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