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Coolest Stars Wars Lego Cake

I wanted to make a Lego cake for our son’s 10th Birthday. We experimented with a single sheet cake with cupcakes on top and then just plain old icing. It was OK but thought we could do better.

We have always wanted to work with fondant but we always thought it was difficult to work with. Now we have watched enough episodes of “Ace of Cakes” on the Food Network to think we could do something simple with fondant and not try to get too crazy.

The Star Wars Lego Cake is 2 sheet cakes that were shaved so they are almost flat with butter creme icing in the middle. The outside was also frosted in butter creme. The 6 pieces on the top are cupcakes with the “muffin tops” removed, butter creme frosted.

Cakes were from a box. Butter Creme was from a recipe we found on the web. We bought boxed fondant at Michael’s. I also bought Royal Blue coloring from Michael’s. Coloring the fondant was “difficult”, took a lot of time and I wanted it darker but needed to get the cake finished, plus my hands were “tired”. I did add more color to some leftover fondant which I used for the letters, add those were darker but I wanted it really really dark blue.

I used powered sugar as a dusting to keep the fondant from sticking to the rolling pin and counter, I had read corn starch could be used but powered sugar seemed like it would work just fine and might add some more sweetness to the fondant. Rolled out somewhere between 1/8″ and 1/4″ of fondant. I used a traditional rolling pin with the handles but those longer thinner sticks that I see them use on TV would definitely be better. My first attempt stuck to the counter so I had to redo with way more powdered sugar. The second time it came up perfectly and went on the cake very easily. I worked it around the cake and cut off the excess. It was a lot easier than I though it was going to be. The cupcakes were a much tougher challenge and if I ever made the cake again I think I would use rice krispie treats for those instead of cupcakes.

The bottom of the cake and the bottom of the cupcakes were they meet the cake was an issue, so I just made a ribbon of fondant and used that around the bottoms, it wasn’t Lego like but it did clean it up A LOT! I was going to use piped icing around there but the fondant ribbon looked way better I think.

The last touch was the letters. I darkened some fondant a few shades bluer and tried to cut out Happy Birthday Alex but that just wasn’t working. If I had a few hours I probably could have done it,it may have been easier if I rolled out the fondant and let it harden a little before I cut out the letters. But anyway, just did Alex and it was kinda cool, sloppy but cool.

Notes… I used a damp cloth to get the powered sugar off the fondant cake but the water makes the fondant extremely sticky. I tried to use a clean new paint brush at first but the whole cake had that powdered sugar dusted look, the wet cloth worked well.

Overall I give it a difficulty level of 7 or 8 out of 10. We are extremely happy with the results for our first time with fondant. With the right tools and some more trial and error, I could see how we could get better with it. The intimidation factor is gone and I think we will use it more often in the future.

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  1. I’m a professional cake decorator and I happened upon your cake looking for ideas for a Lego inspired cake I’m making this afternoon. I read you process and you are almost right on!
    Corn starch works the best for rolling for a few reasons. It doesn’t incorporate into the fondant as much and it comes off easier. If you cover your work surface with a generous dusting and the top of you fondant ball you can roll it out with ease, then use it as a lubricant for the “cake rub” after applying the fondant so you rub out air bubbles. and you can use a dry dish rag to wipe off the excess starch.
    You can use a paintbrush and rum or vodka as a “glue” to stick things together, like lettering and ribbons.
    Keep practicing! and good job!

  2. Thank you for the detailed instructions. It helps when a person takes the time to tell us how to do it. Now I can pass this onto my mom and not worry about her trying to figure out how to do it. Thank you so much!!!

  3. I am just looking through the web with my son for his 10th birthday cake for this Friday. He would like a Lego one and your’s is just fantastic! Well done! And like all the others have said, thank you so much for all the details! I’ve made many cakes over the years and it always helps to hear new ideas from someone who has just done the cake! Thanks again :-)

  4. Thank you for posting in such great detail. I now have the confidence to try it! It is also one of the best looking cakes I have found! So excited!

  5. I think it looks AWESOME!! The MMF (Marshmallow is MUCH easier to work with, tastes better, and costs FAR LESS than ready-made… Also, ‘painting’ it is easier than coloring it (as previously mentioned, just use vanilla extract, or even cheap vodka (the alcohol evaporates, & works as a ‘glue,’ without becoming sticky–as long as you use it SPARINGLY :). And you can put down Saran, or waxed paper (BEFORE you put corn starch, not INSTEAD of); that way, you get an easier clean up, AND you can ‘lift’ the rolled out fondant… Also, if you have a GOOD stand mixer, you can coat your bowl thoroughly with crisco, & melt your marshmallows in the microwave; then use your dough hook. It only takes a few minutes, & eliminates the kneading process. WAY EASIER & QUICKER!! Have fun! :)

  6. Just came across this looking for mu sons 8th birthday and he LOVES Legos. I think you did such a great job and will be trying this cake for his birthday. Thanks as well to the others comments they are helpful. Just a thought on the top, could you cover the cake and then the cupcakes separately then place the cupcakes on top. I am gonna play with the top idea and I will post a picture once I do it. Again thanks so much, I love it.

  7. Beautifully done!!! I’ve never used Fondant before but for my LEGO-nut son’s 10th. birthday, I dare to try tomorrow!!!!! Thanks so much for detail tips! Hope I can make him proud of his mom! :P

  8. Great job on your first attempt with fondant! I love working with it! Just a dry brush or paper towel should take off the powder sugar. (I use corn starch because fondant is soooo sweet already)

    Love the idea of using cupcakes on top and the reason I was drawn to this cake is because I wanted to know how you did it!


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