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Coolest Wrestling Birthday Cake

I made this Wrestling Birthday Cake for my son for his 10th birthday, and while the RING SIDE seat tickets I got him for WWE Raw LIVE stole the show, the cake was a close second.

This cake took about 4 hours to assemble and decorate (this does not include bake time and cooling for the cakes prior to assembly)

Cakes Needed: 4

Sizes: 2 – 8 inch round make up the round base

2 – 7 inch square make up the ring

Additional Materials Needed:

-Fondant (store bought or marshmallow homemade will both work)

-Gumpaste for the ring posts and the draping ring skirt

-Thin red ribbon for the ropes

-Wrestling Figures of your choice

-Championship belt purchased at Dollar Tree

After baking the cakes, assembling and icing the layers, I covered each tier in fondant. Red was used for the pedestal base (to get that deep red mix lemon extract with red food coloring and paint the fondant once applied to the cake). Cover the the square tier in WHITE fondant. Next I assembled the ring posts using gumpaste, it dries hard and sturdy. I took a cooking dow and cut it in half and rolled the black gumpaste around it, forming a post. When all 4 were rolled the cooking dows made it easy to stick them into the cake. Next I rolled out black gumpaste and draped a section of it off each side of the white tier. Then I took red ribbon and weaved it around the posts holding it in place with a band of gumpaste applied with water to form a strong bond to hold the ribbon.

**NOTE** I have seen wresting ring ring cakes with candy used used for the ropes…however I’ve never seen one that looks clean, and I like my cakes to look clean and tidy…but feel free to explore edible options for the ropes. Finally I attached a championship belt to the front of the cake with royal icing, and placed my son’s 2 favorite wrestling figures in the ring. The cake was hit!

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