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Coolest Wrestling Ring Cake

First I made a rectangle cake for this wrestling ring cake. I cut off the sides of the cake to make it square. The pieces I cut off I used as the bleachers. I made little people out of toothpicks and used marshmallows for the heads and I cut shirts out of construction paper.

I put wrestlers names on the shirts (Hulk Hogan, John Cena etc.) I even made the little people hold signs (John 3:16 etc.). For the wrestling ring I just got my son’s toys out to decorate the cake. I used pretzels for the post with big marshmallows for the pads on the post.

For the string I just took it off my son’s wrestling ring and tied it around the pretzels. I made “RAW” out of fruit roll ups and put it on the sides of the ring. Finally, I just used his wrestling figures for the center of the cake. Hope you enjoy!

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