This was my first time ever trying to make a sugar beer bottle. A tutorial on You Tube gave me the basic instructions I needed for this Sugar Beer Bottle Black Jack 21st Birthday Cake. The entire process of making this cake took about a week or so because making the mold for the bottle takes time. Had it been summer I imagine the mold would dry much quicker, but given the rainy, humid weather I was only able to add one to two coats to the mold per day.

It took me two tries to get the bottle right. It’s important to cook the sugar and corn syrup long enough to get the right color and texture. As for the cake, it is a Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Filling. It is crumb-coated with a vanilla buttercream under the homemade marshmallow fondant. provided many ideas for the recipe. I made the playing cards on top of the cake from rice paper and sugar paste. The other decorations are red and black fondant – diamonds, hearts, spade, and clubs.

All in all, I thought it turned out pretty well. The cake was a huge hit at the restaurant we went to and people couldn’t believe I had made the beer bottle!