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Coolest Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

I’d wanted to make something fun and different for my daddy’s 75th birthday. Since my daddy and my son are very close – they kinda’ like soulmates – I decided to make a cake with figurine of both of them. I picked a swimming pool theme as a symbol of fun and made this Swimming Pool Birthday Cake.

The base of the cake is vanilla cake with strawberry jam as filling. I put choco wafers around the cake, so it will look like bricks. Then I put a tiny ladder at the side, made of fondant. Here’s the exciting part, I put two figurine made of fondant, one represent my daddy, the other represent my son. Both with hats.

The water is made of rolled fondant. I mixed white and blue colorant all together, so the colour looks like water. Around the top of the cake, I put tiny chocolate balls. My family were very excited when they saw the cake. They said that the cake is too cute to be cut.

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