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Coolest Swimming Pool Birthday Cake Design

For my daughter’s 10th birthday, we had a swimming party at the Y.M.C.A. So I thought a Swimming Pool Birthday Cake Design would be perfect. After looking at many photo’s of swimming pool cakes and how do tips, I came up with this one, the cake in the photo was my 2nd try, the first one I had to throw out do to the jello went right through the cake, so the 2nd time I let the jello set, instead of only letting it cool for a while.

After the jello set I then spooned it into the middle of the cake which I hollowed out. I think by doing it this way it looks like there are waves in the pool. I used your basic Vanilla cake mix with Vanilla icing and some choc icing. I also always put pudding mix in the cake, this makes the cake extra moist. I then used wafer cookies for the diving board and teddy grams as the people swimming and hanging out by the pool and then different candy’s for the beach blankets and water toys.

The cake was a big hit, thank you coolest cakes.



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