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Coolest Tea Kettle Bridal Shower Cake

My client brought in her great-grandmother’s favorite china pattern. Most pieces from the set are now gone and she asked us to do this Tea Kettle Bridal Shower Cake as a remembrance to her great gran. A touching tribute and a wonderful and delicious dessert.

The cake itself was carved from 3 stacked 9″ round cakes. Crumb coated in buttercreme and then draped in white chocolate fondant.

The “table” it sat on was also a 9″ round, crumbed and then draped in fondant. The small hearts were a part of the original pattern and complimented well the overall theme of the wedding – “Heartbeats”

The lid and spout were fashioned from fondant days ahead and allowed to dry. Once put together, the entire cake was then airbrushed with pearl luster dust.

A true labor with a lot of love.

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