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Coolest Tea Pot Cake

For my daughter’s fifth birthday, we decided to have a tea party. We hosted a high tea with several different teas, as well as hot chocolate, which most of them had. I have a ceramic Mary Engelbreit tea pot that I fashioned her cake after.

I used a Wilton ball pan for the pot, trimming some off the bottom to sit level. I scooped a little out of the bottom and set the bottom half on a small glass bowl, turned upside down. Buttercream was applied and the top of the “ball”. I then trimmed about 1/3 off the top to be the lid. The lid was set aside. Dowels were put in and buttercream all over. I used Wilton fondant to cover the pot. I then put the lid on and iced and applied fondant. I then was able to do all the fun details. The spout and handle were made a week earlier and dried. They were made from white fondant and colored dots were adhered with water. I used just an office hole punch to make the dots.

The spout and handle were adhered to the pot with dowels. The “fried egg flowers” were also made earlier in the week out of fondant. I covered them well with plastic wrap, as not to dry out so when applied to the cake they could curve slightly, like the cake. The black dots were also made from fondant and a hole punch. The red dots on the cake were piped on with buttercream. The rose handle on the lid was sculpted out of fondant and held in place with toothpicks. The black and white trim was white icing with black fondant.

It was a huge hit and a birthday my daughter will never forget!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Tea Pot Cake”

  1. What an absolutely adorable cake!! What a gift you gave to your daughter — a memory she will never ever forget! You are extremely talented. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am going to make a teapot cake for Mother’s Day for my mother-in-law and your cake is absolutely fantastic. I am going to enjoy making my own version but based on your fantastic design. Well done!


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