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Coolest Tin of Spam Cake

Yep, it’s a homemade tin of Spam cake!

I was asked to make a cake that looked like a tin of Spam. My first thought was to make it lying down so that only the top and the sides would be visible and that was fairly easy to do. However, I don’t like easy projects so I decided to make it stand upright.

The cake was probably 5 times the size of a normal tin of Spam and was layered with buttercream them sugarpaste that covered the entire cake, building up layers of colour depending on the logo. I then added the detail with an icing pen to create the barcode and instructions, etc.

The recipient of the cake did not know it was real and picked it up thinking it was a large tin, putting his fingers straight through the middle of the homemade tin of Spam cake!!

Anyway hope you like the look of it!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Tin of Spam Cake”

  1. I’ve never had spam, and I hear that it’s really gross, but I might just try it because this cake looks so cool. Well, I might try it. Don’t push your luck. LOL!!!


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