Coolest Toadstool Birthday Cake

For my daughter Kaeli’s 3rd birthday she saw the cover of the Woman’s Weekly Cake book in the newsagent and said THIS ONE MUM. So we did it and made her a Toadstool Birthday Cake. I used 3 Green’s buttercake packets and cooked two sizes in pudding steamers.

I turned one upside down and used some buttercream icing to cover it then cut a small circle of cardboard and placed it on top then secured the top cake with more buttercream icing (in hindsight a wooden skewer would have been better as I had to wait for the icing to harden up).

To get the pattern on the cake I used the edge of a butter knife. The buttercream icing hardens up well once you put the cake in the fridge. The weather here is around 40 degrees Celsius (102 Fahrenheit)in October so I was worried things would slide. We live in remote part of Western Australia and I couldn’t get the love hearts in the size I needed so we just used tiny ones and some chacous on the roof.

I found a couple of those little candy bracelets and used the big discs as pebbles for the path, Pink musk sticks for the door. I then piped the flowers. I pulled apart 3 fairy pens to use as decoration and used marshmallows for the mini stools then I dusted cocoa on top.

The cake was an absolute success and Kaeli’s face had the biggest smile and that is what it is all about. This year she wants a castle so I am using this fantastic site as inspiration.

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  1. This cake is cool , I showed my 5yr old daughter … and just as I thought I got the big question “Can you make me one for my 6th birthday?” … I’m going to give it a go! … This site is Great for inspiration!!


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