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Cool Homemade Purple Fairy Toadstool Cake

I found the idea for this fairy toadstool cake in a cake book I have. I made two cake mixes in rounded bowls for the top and bottom of the house, one chocolate, one vanilla for variety. I frosted each and let the frosting set, then covered the bottom one (turned upside-down) with white fondant.

Then I covered the top cake (also upside-down) with fondant tinted pink with Wilton coloring paste. I cut out different size circles with any round things I could find (cups, soda cap, icing tip, etc) and stuck these on the top with a *small* amount of water, which acts like a glue.

I cut the door out of the leftover fondant from the roof, and also the windows. For the slits in the door I just made lines with a knife, and for the holes in door and windows, I used the small end of a round icing tip. The ‘petals’ for the window frame are just rounds of white fondant shaped with my fingertips to a petal shape.

The walkway is pink fondant rounds (the ones that came out of the door and windows) and small star candies you can get at the grocery store. The grass under the toadstool is fondant tinted green. Then I wrapped a ribbon around the bottom.

For the fairies I rolled a sausage shape of different colors of fondant, then added a small round head, hair, and then make facial features with the rounded part of a piping tip. I rolled the wings out of yellow fondant. Everything I ‘glued’ on with *small* water droplets.

This cake was great! My daughter beamed when I brought this out for her 5th birthday party!

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