Coolest Toilet Paper Cake

I made this homemade toilet paper cake for a friend of mine whose name was Sharman (like the toilet paper brand).

It was a chocolate cake with butter cream icing. I started by baking two 6in round cakes, then sliced them each into halves. I layered them with butter cream icing, and then iced the entire cake. Next I covered the cake in white fondant, just like you would cover any cake. Next I measured how long the cake was around, I forget the exact number then added 6 inches to the number for the off the roll effect. Also I measured the height of the cake.

Roll out you fondant and cut a strip the length and height of your cake. Next brush some water on to the backside of your strip, to help it stick. Then wrap your cake, till you came back around to where you started then just let the remainder hang down. Last I used a plastic dowel to push a hole in the middle of the homemade toilet paper cake when I pulled it out there was a nice hole in the center.

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