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Coolest Treasure Map Birthday Cake

This Treasure Map Birthday Cake was my first attempt at decorating a birthday cake. I have always made cakes and muffins but never done more than ice and put on sprinkles. I was making this cake for my husband’s birthday and had looked on the internet for some inspiration and ideas. I came across this website and got some amazing ideas and finally decided on making a treasure map cake.

This cake was made using a Victoria sponge cake recipe, the muffins were made using a cheesecake muffin recipe, both cake and muffins were covered in frosting. The cake once frosted had Muscovado sugar sieved on top to make it look like sand. I then used writing icing to make a cross and skull bones, treasure trail, camp fire and palm tree. The muffins were iced with white to look like waves and black shark fins, I used ordinary blue food colouring to make the muffins look like the sea.

The cake was enjoyed by everyone at the party!and then the rest was finished off the next day by me and my husband – yummy! I really enjoyed making this and am looking forward to the next birthdays and celebrations that happen with my friends and family so I can practice and make more cakes!!

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