Pirate Treasure Map Cake

My son was having a Pirates of the Caribbean birthday and wanted a cake to match. We like some of the pirate cakes and we liked the treasure map cakes, so we decided to combine and make a cake that incorporated both concepts.

I used a half sheet cake. I used extra cake batter and made a couple mini loaf cakes, mini muffin cakes & mini heart muffin cakes. I used these to make pirate ship and build terrain on the island. I used two loaves and then heart cakes to build up pirate ship. I added root beer barrels and malted milk balls onto the ship for accessories.

I cut out paper for the masts and put on little sticks. I cut a couple of pieces of cake to make treasure chest and then took a toothpick to make top look open. I bought gold nugget bubblegum and poured that out of the treasure chest.

I used blue gel icing to make water and added some gummy sharks in the ocean. I used bubblegum coins around the bottom edge of the cake. I made sure I brought more sharks and gave each child a shark and coin with their cake, because they all wanted some of the candy. This was my son’s 6th birthday and it has become a family tradition to do his cakes.

9 thoughts on “Pirate Treasure Map Cake”

  1. This is by far one of the best pirate cakes I have ever seen! I love the combo of the ship and the map! Great Job on this cake, and if my son ever wants a pirate cake I may have to use some of your ideas.

  2. Do you remember how much the cake ran you (cost and time)? How many did the cake feed? My husband loves this cake (we are doing a pirate costume party for his 30th next month).

  3. My husband (who’s turning 30) thinks this cake is AWESOME…and he’s very picky. Great job!! Thanks for posting it!!

  4. so my sons pirate party in next Sunday and i just came across this cake…..LOVE IT!!!! I usually just buy cakes but i am going 1st thing in the morning to buy the supplies to make this cake! This will be my 1st time attempting to make one myself but i am pretty crafty so my fingers are crossed and I’m going for it!!


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