Coolest Tub Cake

This cake is a tub cake with ducks swimming in it. I used two 9×13 inch pan to make the cake and cut the center out of one of them. I made blue jello and used it for the water in the tub. The faucet is just some foil that I shaped to look like a faucet. The hot and cold knobs are made of marshmallow, big ones and then little ones on the side.

To finish off the cake I added two small rubber ducks in the pool. This cake was made for my daughter’s 1st Birthday. There was a small round cake just for her but everyone enjoyed eating out of the tub.

The icing was made from scratch, I didn’t have to do much coloring of the icing which makes this cake easy to make. This is a great beginner cake because it is so easy. This was one of my first cakes when I started to do cakes. I added to this cake around the side some cake decorations little ducks and dots just to give it a little extra something.

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