Coolest Under the Sea Cake

I am posting this Under the Sea cake for all the Mom’s like me that LOVE and are inspired by other Moms’ideas! My daughter asked for an “Under-the-Sea” birthday party, so we had a Mermaid Tea Party.

The cake is made of 2 round layers of strawberry cake on the bottom and 2 smaller round layers of white cake on the top. There is a layer of strawberry jam and frosting between each layer. Do not use too much jam or the layers will sag due to the weight. I used Wilton’s food gel (worth the money) to get the bright colors and added it to homemade butter cream frosting (of course you can use can!).

I covered the whole cake with blue frosting. I made the “seaweed” with a leaf decorating tip and green frosting. I made starfish and shells with a flower tip and yellow frosting as well as the border for the “island” on top. I used cheddar goldfish crackers for the “fish” and Cake Mate “pearl” sprinkles for their bubbles. I sprinkled graham cracker crumbs on the “island” and around the bottom of the “ocean” for sand.

I added Cake Mate “flower” sprinkles to the “island” as starfish on the beach. I finished it with a “7” candle relaxing on the beach under an umbrella. “7” is a lucky number, after-all! Everything you need for this cake can be bought the day before at your local grocery. This cake was fun to make and you don’t have to be a professional to do it…just a dedicated Mom (or Dad)!

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