Thanks for all the tips from this site! I used them heavily. Since, I’m not a baker more and creator, I ordered the bottom cake (square ocean form) from Whole Foods, white sheet cake covered with buttercream! I know cheating, right? But so I could totally focus on the design; I made the fondant recipe using the one on this site as well as tutorials on youtube; the island is made out of crushed cookies adding a pirate set (plastic) that I bought on ebay; the octopus is made of rice-krispies which I covered with fondant; each ocean critter is colored and formed individually, I bought a color set with 14 colors. The homemade fondant tastes great! You can start ahead of time (couple days) making the little critters and then put them in a tupperware container;

I bought a skeleton at the Halloween store and covered the sign with white fondant, let is dry and wrote “Captain Lucas” on it with a sharpie- since nobody eats the skeleton it didn’t matter what I wrote it with.

This Homemade Octopus Pirate Island Cake is my first cake decoration, I made pink elephants on cupcakes last year, when my son was in that phase! Now, it is pirates! Enjoy! And thanks again for all your tips!