Coolest Viva Pinata Whirlm Cake

Inspired by another Whirlm cake I saw on this site, I made a Viva Pinata Whirlm cupcake cake for my son’s Viva Pinata birthday party!

I planned out on the computer how I would arrange my cupcakes (making sure they’d fit in a sheet cake box for transportation). I then purchased orange-frosted cupcakes from the supermarket, arranged the cupcakes according to my plan, smooshed the frosting around, and then piped orange buttercream frosting over top with a star tip, along with some red and green frosting for the details. The eye was made with white gel icing and black sparkle gel icing.

My son loved it and thought it looked just like the Whirlms from the game. Starting with store-bought cupcakes made it easier, but obviously this would work just fine with homemade cupcakes as well. And serving it was super easy since you can just pull the cupcakes apart! This could also be modified to use for a bug or garden-themed party. I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Homemade Viva Pinata Whirlm Cupcake Cake

Homemade Viva Pinata Whirlm Cupcake Cake

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