Homemade Wiggles Big Red Car Birthday Cake

I made this Wiggles Big Red Car Birthday Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday.

For the car, I used Wilton’s 3-D Cruiser Pan. I greased up the pan really good with shortening. I made a double batch of homemade rice krispy treats. Poured the rice krispy treats while hot into the cake pan, packing it down and put it into the refrigerator to cool.

Once the car was was cooled and set, I removed it from the pan (if you grease up all the crevices in the pan it should pop out easily). I placed the car on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Using a serrated knife, I cut off the roof of the car making it into a convertible.

I melted up one bag of red chocolate candy melts on the stove top. When it was all melted, using a ladle, I poured the chocolate over the car and smoothed it out with the back of a spoon when needed. I put the car back in the refrigerator to fully set. Once it is all set up, I colored frosting to decorate the car details.

I printed out a picture of The Wiggles and their logo from their website. Attached the Wiggles to toothpicks and inserted into the car seat areas and attached the logo using frosting on the hood of the car.

I made a sheet cake for the base using a double batch of a yellow cake recipe and frosted it green. I put extra frosting on the area the car was going to sit and put the car on top of the sheet cake. The rice krispy treats were just as big of hit as the cake was!

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