Coolest Wiggles Big Red Car Cake

I made this Wiggles Big Red Car Cake for my daughter’s second birthday because she LOVED the Wiggles. I baked a yellow cake in the Wilton car cake pan according to the pan directions and then cut-out the top of the car to make it a convertible.

I made a batch of marshmallow fondant using the recipe from this website:

The fondant was very easy to make, tasty, and really easy to work with. I kept it white until I needed it and then I dyed small sections using Wilton candy dyes.

After cutting out the car top I placed the car on it’s own small piece of foam board so that I could move the car around and decorate easier. I did an initial crumb-coating of the car using icing I dyed red using Wilton icing dye (make sure to get the one that says “no taste”).

The windshield, side windows, and wheel rims are black fondant, and the headlights are gray. The seats, convertible top, and hood design are also dyed fondant. The wheels are white fondant circles that I colored using edible markers. The Wiggles logo on the hood was also written using edible markers. I then decorated the car using a small star tip with the red icing.

It’s hard to see the board in the picture, but I used a large foam board and used green icing to create grass, and black icing to make a road. I also printed out a group picture of the Wiggles and stood them up behind the car. “Happy 2nd Birthday Cora” was written on the board, and I stood the candles up in the “grass.”

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  1. my daughters is having her 1st birthday and she loves the wiggles so im going to try and attempt this. wish me luck lol i dont think it will turn out as cool


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