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Coolest Wiggles Car Cake with Wilton 3D Cruiser Pan

My daughter loved the Wiggles, so we made her a Wiggles Big Red Car Cake for her 3rd birthday. We used a Wilton 3-D Cruiser Pan to make the car.

After the cake cooled, we cut off part of the top to make it a convertible like the Wiggles drive. We placed the entire car on top of a 9×13 sheet cake. We then unscrewed the 4 Wiggles characters from a Big Red Car toy that my kids had. The characters came right off once we loosened a few screws and afterwards went back on easily.

We put the characters into the cake after we iced their individual seat colors smooth. We decorated the car using the Wilton No-Taste Red Icing color, since we had to use A LOT of red coloring to get the icing the right shade. I decorated the car using tip 16 stars. We then used tip 2 to decorate the back windshield with the Happy Birthday message. We used tip 21 stars to run the 4 Wiggles colors along the edges of the bottom sheet cake to finish it off.

My daughter LOVED her Wiggles cake!

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