Homemade Wiggles Big Red Car Cake

I got the design for my Wiggles Big Red Car cake from the other wonderful cakes on this site. I used the standard star tip technique, which is no-where near as hard as it looks. I bought a Wiggles car toy and pulled it apart to get the figurines and steering wheel to sit in the car.

I used the Wilton’s car mould and made it into a convertible. I cut out the Wiggles logo from some invitations I had to put on the front of the car.

I just used colored paper to put onto the board, but I would recommend doing this at the last minute as the grease from the cake gets absorbed by the paper and it shows!

I moulded the inserts for the tires, the eyes etc by hand and the back of the car, the “soft top part” just took time, patience and hot water and a knife.

The end result- one very happy little 3 year old.

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