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Coolest Wonder Pets Fly Boat Birthday Cake

We had a Wonder Pets themed birthday party for my (now) three year old. I decided to make a Fly Boat cake and got a lot of ideas from this site. Here’s what I did in a nutshell:

1. Made the pound cake version of a boxed cake (a denser version supposedly holds the fondant better). Made two 9″ cakes, cut one in half and stacked the two pieces. Stuck toothpicks in to help them stay together. Make SURE you cut off a small piece of the rounded bottom so that the boat has a flat place to sit! I learned this the hard way after mine toppled over. Ice the cake. Stand the cake upright (on the newly flat piece you created) before putting the fondant on.

2. I bought the pre-dyed fondant as opposed to dying white fondant because primary colors are so hard to achieve!

3. I used chocolate donuts for the wheels and covered them with blue fondant. I skewered them onto the cake with Pick Up sticks.

4. For the flag, I rolled yellow fondant out and cut out a sail shape. I iced a craft dowel and wrapped the fondant around it (icing is like glue!). I stuck another dowel underneath the sail to create ‘movement’ and let it sit out and harden overnight. I made a ring out of blue fondant and then ‘glued’ it onto the sail with icing. I colored the W onto the sail with a red magic marker. I also colored the craft dowel purple with a magic marker. I started a hole in the fondant and cake with a knife instead of just jabbing the flag in there, it worked great.

5. I added the little lights on the side by using a magic marker cap to make the shape and then ‘glued’ them on with icing.

There’s a more complete description with more pictures on my blog here…

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