Coolest Xbox 360 Controller Cake

For this Xbox 360 controller cake I found an image of an Xbox 360 controller online, I copied the image into MS Word and blew the picture up to fit a regular 8.5×11 sheet of paper. I then printed the image in color on photo paper (this gave me good and clear details).

I cut the picture and traced a silhouette onto cardboard. This was my outline! I baked a 1/2 sheet chocolate cake from scratch (birthday boy’s favorite flavor). Once the cake cooled I cut it in half and stacked the two pieces (ice the bottom cake then place the top cake bottom side up). I put a crumb coat on first and let it harden, just so that when I touch it no icing would stick to my hand. While the icing hardened, I made the pieces (buttons, Xbox circle and strip on front (not visible in this image) out of fondant and used gel paste to color them, some pieces I painted with the coloring others I folded the color into the fondant.

This is where I used the photo image, I like to be detailed and realistic. I let the pieces harden while I applied a thicker layer of icing as smooth as possible around the entire cake. I applied the pieces to the cake, using the photo image as a reference, while the icing was still wet so that everything could dry together.

I was slightly pleased with the outcome, slightly because the entire cake covered in fondant would have been gorgeous but they didn’t request fondant on the entire cake- give the people what they want. Payton’s Mom said he did not want to share his cake at his party but when he did everything ranted raved and wanted more. She only wanted to feed 10 but was able to get 12 slices.

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