Coolest Homemade XBOX 360 Controller Cake

To make this Homemade XBOX 360 Controller Cake I baked two 9×13 cakes. I used an xbox 360 controller as my guide and drew a free hand outline of the controller large enough to fill almost a whole sheet of paper.

I then cut it out and traced it onto wax paper. I cut the design out of the wax paper and placed it on top of one cake and then the other and cut around it to form my shape. I frosted each cake with a crumb coat of frosting and let it set/crust over. I used butter cream frosting in between the bottom and top layers.

After placing the second layer of cake on top I frosted the top and the sides as well so that the fondant would have something to stick to. I made homemade fondant while the cakes were baking. I rolled that to about a 1/4 inch thickness and placed it over the cake.

I smoothed it out as I went and then trimmed off the excess around the bottom. I used fondant to make the buttons and joy sticks so that they would be 3D. I used M&M’s for the red, yellow, green and blue buttons. I turned them “M” side down and put the corresponding letter on them.

Everything is “glued” to the top of the cake with a thin mixture of powdered sugar and water.

Homemade  XBOX 360 Controller Cake

Homemade  XBOX 360 Controller Cake

Homemade  XBOX 360 Controller Cake

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