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Coolest Cowboy Birthday Cake Ideas

I did this cake for Wells Fargo bank! I used a 9×13 pan and cut in half to stack then shaved it to shape the stage coach. I used pretzels for the top and miniature candies for luggage. For the cactus I just used a square pan and cut out the shape of the cactus and used tip #16 to ice it and bought little horses for the stage coach.

Everyone loved it and thought it was so cute even though the original idea is from a cowboy birthday cake.

More Cowboy Birthday Cakes

Cowboy birthday cake by Tiffany L., Medford, OR

Cowboy Birthday Cake Photo

I am from Oregon and my Grandpa is in Montana. As my grandpa was a pastor I was honored to have him come perform my wedding ceremony. A year later I got the honor of doing his groom’s cake. My step grandma requested a six tier wedding cake that was next to impossible to do and port to Montana from Oregon. So I did the groom’s cake. The idea came from a Wiltons cake book where I found a cowboy birthday cake which would suit the couple.

I baked the cakes and transported them in a cooler. Pieced it all together and decorated up there with fondant. I used silk flowers. All the kids couldn’t believe it was cake. It was a huge hit and loved more than the big bride’s cake. It was of course a great honor to make my grandpa proud.

Cowboy birthday cake by Misti H., Springdale, AR

Cowboy Birthday Cake Photo

I had searched high and low for a cake design that I liked for my son’s 8th birthday. We had already decided on a cowboy theme for the party. I decided on a tiered cowboy birthday cake because I had a lot of ideas and couldn’t narrow it down. My husband says that I watch too much food network; but I knew we wouldn’t have that many kids so I didn’t want to have that much cake left over.

I used Styrofoam for the base cake and then covered it in Fondant. I rolled fondant to look like a rope for the bottom trim and then rolled out blue dyed fondant to cover the top like a bandana. Then I used 2 boxes of lemon cake and made 4 layers. I used lemon icing (also from a store bought brand) for the crumb layer and covered that with fondant.

I dyed and rolled out the brown fondant and used a cleaned knitting needle to make the wood grain look and the boards. I then cut the top to look like an old fence. I placed on the cake and then cut out the doors and windows for the city scene. I piped the cactuses on the bottom tier and then the people and words for the city, and on the bandana. I dyed and sculpted the sign.

I used Kandy Clay to make the 3D cactuses, hay bails, and cow skull. I placed the cowboy birthday cake toys on the top with handmade butter cream flavored with lemon. All and all the cowboy birthday cake was a huge hit.

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