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Custom Birthday Photo Collage Cake

This collage cake is a 3 tier birthday cake. Use 3 different size cake tins to get the different levels/dimensions. Biggest to smallest.

I frosted each cake with purple frosting. I inserted a straw cut to the height of the cake down the center of the cake to make it safe and secure so it doesn’t slip or slide. Then I went on my computer and found lots of photos of her. I picked my favorites and printed them on glossy paper. I then cut them out and hot glued them to plastic drinking straws and inserted them into the cake in different spots to make a collage cake of her and special moments in her life.

Everybody loved the idea and it made her day. This is a great way to make somebody who is difficult to shop for or that you don’t know of their hobbies that you could do to make them a “custom cake”. I always recommend sprinkling with sprinkles to add festivity and make sure you do shortly after frosting before the frosting begins to harden or they don’t stick as well.

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