Cute and Easy Dog Face Cake

My sister-in-law Annie and her grand-kids, 1 and 5, were coming for Thanksgiving. Annie’s birthday had just passed. Could I make a quick, fun birthday cake while also cooking a turkey, dressing, potatoes, etc.? I thought she and the kids would like a dog face cake since Annie is a dog groomer.

I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for on the Internet, so I just made a round cake and iced it with butter icing. I added some powdered cocoa to some icing and put that in the corner of a sandwich bag, snipped off the corner and piped on the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. I filled in the ears and then flattened the brown icing with a knife. The cake needed color, so I added a Lifesavers tongue, collar and hat… and put the candles in the hat.

The grandma was indeed surprised to get a cake on Thanksgiving Day, and she and the grand-kids loved the cake. I think pointy ears and whiskers would make a cat cake quite nicely. (My cake is similar to a spotted dog cake on the Coolest Birthday Cakes website.)