I baked 1 dome cake in a glass bowl and 1 cake in a flat circular cake pan. I baked chocolate cakes. I made butter cream icing and colored them pink and purple. I used a cake piping tube to decorate the cake and made an upper part of the doll’s dress with pink fondant. I made the crown out of fondant by coloring it pearl white and using edible pearls to decorate it.

I allowed it to set over night and placed it on the dolls head. I made a cupcake and decorated it with pink butter cream icing and purple pearls. I struggled a little to allow the doll to hold the tray with cupcake. I made the tray out of cardboard, foil and paper clips. I used pink satin ribbon to tie the tray to the dolls hands and 2 long sticks to balance the cupcake by pressing them into the cake. I colored fondant pink and purple to do the lettering on the girls name on the cake board.