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Cutest Monkey Baby Shower Cake

This cake was made for a friend that was throwing a baby shower. Mom to be wanted a gender neutral cake with a cute monkey on it. The cake itself was a full sheet cake cut in half and stacked with vanilla butter cream in the middle. My friend wasn’t excited about the thought of fondant which meant the whole cake was frost with light green butter cream.

Then smoothed using clear plastic wrap and a fondant smoother. After talking to my friend and explaining the options of using a purchased monkey decal or I could make one out of fondant that could just as easily be removed, she said the fondant would be a good choice. I free handed a monkey on wax paper to get started, after I made my own homemade fondant of course. This is the cake that taught me how much I dislike coloring fondant after it’s made.

I used my wax paper drawing to cut the form of the monkey. Then as I needed each part I cut it out of the drawing and used the wax paper as a template.  The mom to be was looking for simple but cute, which the monkey was, but it needed a little something to finish it off. That’s where the leaves came into play. I used a mold which made it very easy, and it added just enough accent.

That’s how I made the cake, but my favorite part is the reaction. My friend picked it up and said how beautiful it was and she was impressed with the smooth butter cream background. Mom to be was very happy and guests couldn’t believe how cute the monkey was. Most importantly they all loved it’s yumminess. I enjoy making cakes and find it to be a great outlet for my creative side. However, the main reason for doing it is to make others occasions that more special.

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