My daughter Jaslene was turning 2 years old and adores the Disney princesses.  So I came up with the theme was to all Disney princess. Which included Cinderella, Aurora, Tianna, Jasmine & Snow white. The flavor was vanilla pinks confetti made from scratch. And princess Tiana was a chocolate cake pop dipped in white chocolate then I added green sparkled edible sprinkles to her bottom dress.

Then printed the Disney princesses I carefully cut each one out and attached it to lollipop sticks and placed it in the cake pop. The cake topper was also handmade out of Styrofoam. The Cinderella candle was from a local retailer store which I thought it was adorable then I noticed since I had leftover batter I baked them inside ice cream cones and made cup cake cones. It was chocolate and strawberry flavored.