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Coolest Disney Snow White Cake Ideas

My friend’s daughter loves Snow White and desperately wanted a Disney Snow White cake doll. So after the cake was eaten the doll was her present from me. The cakes were made in a 6inch cake tin and the top one I carved to shape it a bit more curved for the top of the skirt. There are three vanilla whole wheat flour cakes with strawberries and fresh cream between.

I used cake cut-offs and stuck them to the cream so that the icing has something to stick to and doesn’t slide off. Then I cut a small hole (smaller than you think) and wrapped the doll’s skirt in cling-film up to her waist to protect it then poked her into the centre of the cake.

The butter-icing is dyed yellow to match her skirt and then decorated with flowers and stars. The bottom hem of the skirt was a bit messy where it met the plate so I put sprinkles all round which worked a treat.

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Cake by Kim V., Lake Charles, LA

Disney Snow White Cake Photo

I made this Disney Snow White themed cake for my twin daughters’ 2nd birthday. My husband made the Seven Dwarves cottage from cardboard. I iced it with royal icing then piped colored royal icing for the details. The windows panes are Nabisco Cheese Nips.

The cake is a full sheet cake decorated to look like the forest floor landscape. I bought the Snow White and Dopey figures. I am really proud of myself for making this cake because I was sick with pneumonia. I had been planning the cake for weeks then I got sick the week before the party. We had to cancel all the extra guests and the party ended up being just immediate family.

Cake by Christy F., VA

Disney Snow White Cake Photo

I used a boxed chocolate cake, split and filled it with raspberry filling, and frosted it with a sealing layer. I sketched Dopey’s face from a picture from Disney snow white, with a toothpick in to the sealing layer and used Pillsbury’s Creamy White frosting (colored with Wilton’s frosting dyes) to outline his face with a small rope tip.

I filled in the face with a small star tip, the hat with a large star tip, roped in his eyes adding a small silver dot for the glint. I just fluffed the green around the rest of the cake with a knife and used the large star tip to give the cake a clean bottom border. It was pretty simple and I got a TON of compliments for my baby’s 1st birthday -with her big toothless grin and dimples she could be Dopey’s sister!

Cake by DeAnne S., Lake Tapps, WA

Disney Snow White Cake Photo

I made the “skirt” using a doll cake pan. Since I bought a Disney Snow White doll to use instead of the doll picks, I cut a small circular section out of the middle of the cake from top to bottom to allow room for the legs. I wrapped her legs in saran wrap before inserting it into the cake to protect it from any dye that might get on it.

I used regular frosting for everything and did my best to get the skirt part smooth (by dipping my knife in hot water). I used a star shape tip for the bodice and a larger hole tip to squirt a blot of frosting for the sleeves.

That was my first doll cake and was pretty fun to do. Have fun!

Disney Snow White Cake Photo

Cake by Jaime M., Freehold, NJ

Disney Snow White Cake Photo

I used a Wilton doll cake pan for this Snow White cake. The icing is colored and decorated to match Snow White. It was a big hit!

Cake by Tara-lee K., Winfield B.C Canada

Disney Snow White Cake Photo

I made this Snow White cake for my niece who is turning 5. I used the wonder mold, 8″ round and a 12″ round. I also used a Disney Snow White Barbie doll. I used butter cream icing for the bottom cake, dress, grass and leaves. I used royal icing for the dress on the body and all the flowers.

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