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Easiest Fastest Homemade Birthday Hamburger Cake

My latest homemade cake is a hamburger and fries with cheese and gravy! The hamburger cakes always looked hard to me then I gave this cake a try. My son had a mountain burger for his birthday and he asked me to do a cake to replicate it.

Here is what you need to make the cake: cake mix, two yellow any brand you you like. A brownie mix any kind you like. Butter cream frosting. You can make the frosting or go for the can. I recently discovered a product from Duncan Hines that is a Carmel flavoring and it colors the icing perfect for a bun color.  My motto is keep it simple! Then you can get fondant and color it green for lettuce and red for tomatoes! If you want less work and really simple use the candy pieces that are called atomics. The green look great for the lettuce. Then get more butter cream and colour it for your mustard etc!

Now that you have everything you need you can start to mix your mixes and bake! The brownie mix a tip; pull it out about five minuets earlier allows the mix to be more pliable. Then when your cakes cool assemble your burger and put on the toppings….presto a cake. I had some left over yellow cake I cut to look like fries and toasted under the broiler to crisp up chocolate sauce for gravy and sugar for salt! Fondant was the cheese!

This cake was a lot of fun to do hope you try it.

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