It was my ex-husband’s 40th birthday. We’re good friends. His wife, one of my now best friends (yes, I said that) was throwing him a surprise birthday party. She wanted a little shock-value, while still being somewhat family friendly. We decided on what would affectionately be referred to as “A Boob Cake”.

I knew he was a fan on lingerie. Well, what man isn’t? His favorite team being UGA (Go Dawgs!) mandated that I go with RED lingerie. It was the obvious choice, right?

So, off to the store I go to find, errr… boob pans? Yeah, not so much. Everything was either too ball shaped, or too flat. Too big or too small. Too pointy or… well, you get the point. Finally, I found some oven safe glass cereal-type bowls by Anchor Hocking. They were perfect boobies!

For the body, it was simple. Make a large sheet cake and shape it into something that I wish I looked like. It must have worked because I caught my husband trying to get her phone number when I turned my back!

After baking the “boobs”, I cut a nice flat edge on the large side and fixed to the body with buttercream. Covered that lil’ gal with fondant and performed a little poke/tickle for the belly button and VIOLA!