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Beautiful Homemade Flower Fairy Princess Birthday Cake

I made the body for this fairy princess birthday cake about a week in advance, used a mold I had pre-done using food grade moulding gel and a doll. I used half fondant half gum paste for the body and face, used a piece of spaghetti for stability, painted on her features aside from her eyes.

Used a play doh extruder for the hair. Cut out circles for petals and thinned them out. It’s very time consuming, I re made the head about 7 times as I’m very picky when it comes to faces.

I used a red velvet cake in A dolly varden tin, one recipe was enough and made it a surprise cake with M&M’s inside by cutting it in half hollowing out a little and putting the M&M’s inside then icing it back together.

I used vanilla buttercream under the petals, can create any type of fairy, this one was similar to the birthday girl. I had a lot of fun making this fairy princess birthday cake!