Grace’s Castle Birthday Cake with Friends

This castle birthday cake was from the heart. It’s for a little girl whose parents waited a long time for her. They spent years trying to have a baby and nothing seemed to work. They ended up having to get a surrogate and the surrogate almost died after birth. It was a long and difficult road but baby Grace is a beautiful, healthy little girl and her surrogate mom is fine these days. What a beautiful gift.

Her mom told me to not do anything complicated. I wanted to make her something of a little castle since she was a princess for me. I was dying to include elements that I had seen elsewhere including the cobblestone and heart doors and I had wanted to make the trees really cute.

Everything was edible and I wanted her to be able to keep the topper. So the figures sit on a 6” disk that we picked off after the party. All the figures on top are gum paste. The little girl looks like Grace and an outfit she has. The rabbit and bear and Grace are all hand-made and so is the tea set and cake. The marks on the door were made with a knife. I since have an impression mat but I liked the effect. The trees were also gum paste except for the lollipop stick.

The texture on the castle and the cake base was made using a sponge. The rocks were all hand-made as well. It came together beautifully and I realized that I love making the free cakes for people I love. I put in all my effort and time and never had an issue with it. I wish I had more time to make it more beautiful but I know they loved it. It was ultimately a surprise and I was thrilled that they loved it and that today we have a beautiful Grace.

Grace's Castle Birthday Cake with Friends

Grace's Castle Birthday Cake with Friends