This Halloween Cauldron Cake was quite an experience to make, it was my first time using fondant and we didn’t quite get along. It stated as a three layer 8’ cake. I frosted between the layer and stuck it in the freezer for about an hour. I then shaped it with a serrated knife, gave it a good crumb coat and stuck it back in the fried for a little bit.

The black was fondant which I wrapped around. It did tear in a few places but was easily covered by the octopus arms rolled the rim and with a dab of water stuck it on top. The green is just colored butter cream and inside like and good Halloween cauldron has sour gummy worms, and some other gummies I found at Michaels.  And voila! there is the cake! I got a lot of complements at the party I took it too I think more people took pictures of it then actually ate it.