Happy Birthday Cake for a Gardener

This is my first cake to bake and decorate by myself. My favorite show is Cake Boss, so after finishing season 4 I felt inspired to give it a try! A co-worker of mine had a birthday this week and she loves to garden, so I chose to make her a Carrot Cake with cream cheese filling gardening themed cake!  The actual cake was not difficult to bake; however I did have trouble making the cake even!

I used 9 inch cake pans and filled 4 up. After cooling and frosting, then came the fun part, DECORATING! I made homemade marshwello fondant, let me tell you, that stuff is messy! It was also tricky to roll out the fondant large enough to cover the entire cake, but after a great arm workout I finally did it! Then came the really fun part, creating the white picket fence, flowers, her name, and even two baby flowerpots! I don’t have any cake decorating or fondant tools so I had to use my resources. I used a star shaped cookie cutter for flowers, a heart shape for a butterfly, and even used toothpicks for the mini flowers in the flowerpots.

I was really proud of myself with the end result I am 22, and never taken any cake decorating classes, besides buddy the cake boss! My Co-worker Jackie LOVED the cake, it also tasted yummy! I can’t wait until I have another cake to create!